Leighton Brooks, SIAP MBCS CC

Developer • Forensic Analyst • Academic
  • 👨 ‍ 🎓 Experience Level :
    7+ years
  • 💻 I’m currently developing
    Polaris 🚀
  • 🧩 Interested in :
    Software, Forensics, Security
  • 💡 Tools :
    Python, PHP, SQL, FTK, Autopsy, Magnet, RFS, Cellebrite, RStudio, Linux
  • ⚡ Fun fact :
    Major Night Owl 🌙

what i do


I am a software developer with over 7 years of experience in various languages, including Python, PHP, and SQL. I have a strong foundation in multithreading, Qt and client-server applications. Across versatile and dynamic environments, I aspire to be a role and a mentor at every level. I am incredibly passionate about cryptography and security, finding joy in the challenge of security in infeasibility.

Forensic Analyst

I am a Digital Forensic Analyst working as part of an expert team liaising with law enforcement, legal teams and civil clients across the United Kingdom. I have a strong foundation in FTK, Autopsy, Magnet, RFS, Cellebrite, RStudio, and Linux. Combining a sharp eye, critical thinking, experience and a deep understanding of modern technology, I am able to provide a comprehensive and professional service in a wide range of digital forensic investigations.


I am a final-year undergraduate student at London Metropolitan University studying Cybersecurity and Forensic Computing, averaging 90% in my modules. I am a certified professional member of the British Computing Society and a Student of the Institute of Analysts and Programmers with high commendations from the Operations Director. Under the guide of my supervisor, I am writing an academic paper on the use of open-source Hardware Security Modules in home networks to be published to the CyBOK.



Projects and Work