Ameasere Overview

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Our initiative towards FOSS, SaaS and software entirely.

FOSS forever, only proprietary services incur costs.
Modular structure, dynamic service delivery.
Completely customisable by anyone, anywhere.






Our Story

Experts in SaaS Development and API Architecture

Software and client-server architecture should be rapid, responsive and rid of bottlenecks. That is who we are.


7 years of intense iterations

Iterative development across various scopes to identify a satisfactory pattern across architectures.

Academia-backed Approach

Using fundamental theory, academic research and evaluation
to accelerate sustainability.

Growth-driven Push

Growth, knowledge and experience is the central motivation for what we do. Be better, do better.

Ameasere Overview

How Ameasere got started

Ameasere is the body behind an initiative backed by a morale focused on growing by learning, developing and scaling. Ameasere prides itself on bringing niches to the masses, making them far more accessible and approachable for all levels while maintaining the integrity and quality they deserve.

Our flagship solution, Polaris, represents a major advance to security by opening up the portal to one-way security, the idea of bringing data to the key rather than the key to the data. The fundamental law behind cryptography is Kirchoff's Principle, dictating security should only rely on the key and not the algorithm: Polaris keeps this fundament at heart, securing the key in place both physically and digitally.


Revolutionising everything you can do with security

Our Integrations
Ameasere Overview

We’re on a mission to empower engineers

Engineers with powerful tools are a force to be reckoned with, and we want to power that force.

Ameasere believes in powerful tools as well as powerful knowledge. Polaris is a powerhouse for security advancements, for engineers alike.

Responsive Team

No waiting weeks for triage and confirmation. Bug? Heard.

Community First

Our community and userbase are priority. We take all feedback seriously, be critical!

Isolation and Modularity

Our tools are built upon isolation and modularity, making for easy swapping or editing.

Hit the Ground Running

Our tools are built to work out of the box if needbe. Just plug and play!

Build your own security, no compromises

Keeping standards and integrity, but allowing individuality.

Free forever.
No credit card required
Our Team

Ameasere Team

Polaris and Ameasere alike prides itself on onboarding talented and battleworn engineers. If you think this is you, please contact us.

Leighton Brooks
Lead Developer @Ameasere
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Ameasere Overview

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